Company Introduction

Shenzhen Hawkvor Science and Technology Co., Ltd was founded in 2005. We focus on design, development and manufacturing of radio frequency identification (RFID) reader and card. We are one of the leading RFID reader manufacturers in China for 10 years.

We provide quality products with high reliability and all of them are easy to install. In the past ten years, we developed various series of readers, which are widely applied in vehicle access, pedestrian access, logistics management, asset management and etc.. The quality has been fully tested and accepted by customers worldwide, and Hawkvor has been selected as long-term partner by China top 5 parking system integrators. Every day, our readers serve about 3,000,000 cars access control in more than 10,000 vehicle access systems.

In the year 2005: Hawkvor was founded.

In the year 2006: The first generation reader for parking application was released. 

                                Started to cooperate with the top 3 parking system integrators in China.

                                 Hawkvor reader was successfully applied in the largest residential

                                 vehicle access with 56 Channels of Entrance & Exit in Shenzhen.

In the year 2007:Hawkvor reader for parking system has been widely used in all provinces of China.

In the year 2008: We started to export to Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and other Asian countries.

In the year 2009:The second Generation reader for parking application was released.

In the year 2013:The third Generation reader for parking application was released.

In the year 2014:Eembedded reader was released.

In the year 2015:Efficient access UHF RFID reader and card were released.